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Gymshark power of influencers


Gymshark founder Ben Francis says he doesn’t view big-name sportswear brands as a threat. Gymshark sells its fitnesswear exclusively online and only through its own website. The brand was an early adopter of influencer marketing, partnering with well-known fitness YouTubers. And building a community of its own ambassadors, known as “Gymshark athletes.”

CEO of Gymshark

And it’s because Francis has built this business with a younger, more agile and social media-savvy mindset. That he’s less concerned by incumbent brands trying to do the same. Francis built the first version of the Gymshark website while he was a college student in 2011. He is having realized his passion for website and app development, as well as fitness at school. He then incorporated Gymshark with a schoolfriend, Lewis Morgan, in 2012. The pair initially used the website to “dropship” fitness supplements, which is when a business takes customer orders, but doesn’t actually buy the physical stock.

So they effectively acted as middlemen to market and sell the products, without having to take on the additional cost and risk of buying stock themselves. They used the money buy a sewing machine and screen printer to start making fitnesswear. Gymshark has grown rapidly since those early days, becoming a billion-dollar company in 2020. Its turnover in the last four years alone has grown tenfold, jumping to £400 million ($552 million) this year, according to Gymshark’s latest full-year results in June.

How much does Gymshark pay influencers

As well as working with influencers, the Gymshark has utilised their own social media channels perfectly. Regularly connecting with consumers on Twitter and Instagram, Gymshark also have their very own YouTube channel, often sharing workout videos as well as motivational tips. Gymshark influencer code also can give people some discount. It’s a win-win both for influencers and customers. Get Gymshark influencer code from Gymcloths.

The rise of Gymshark is just one of many success stories that have emerged because of influencer marketing. More brands than ever before are realising the potential of working with top influencers and consequently, are reaping the enormous benefits.

Across his own social media accounts, the founder of Gymshark, Ben Francis, regularly shares updates about the business and his goals for the future. On a mission to take Gymshark to the next level, Ben’s dream is to make his brand one of the greatest on the planet… And he is well on his way to achieving that dream!

Gymshark community

Their ingenious use of influencer marketing has often been considered a key factor in stimulating the company’s growth. To get the business off the ground, Francis recruited a small number of social media stars and laid the foundations for what is now known as the Gymshark ‘athlete’ community.

Gymshark ‘athlete’ community started as sending a number of fitness influencers free Gymshark sportswear to wear and promote. The Gymshark in a bid to attract consumers and reach a larger audience across social media. That proved to be a highly effective strategy as many of these influencers are now highly recognised ‘Gymshark Ambassadors’.

By investing in the power of influencers, Gymshark has fostered not only a significant following. But also a community of like minded people.  That now makes their brand unique and more desirable than their competitors. Through its digital campaigns, social media channels and network of influencers. The company has created a space for people who share common values and a serious interest in fitness. By creating this Gymshark community, the brand has become more than just a fashion line; it has become a community that people feel a belonging to and thus, invest and believe in. Get Gymshark sale womens and mens from Gymcloths.